A Message from Our Path Certified Instructor – Lea Haven

I have been teaching many years at NEC and I continue to be amazed by these awesome animals we use in our program.  Yes they are all great for the therapeutic riding but when we work with our many outreach groups they always rise to a higher level.

Whether the participant is dealing with PTSD / addiction or are at risk adolescents there is something that grounds them when they walk into our arena.

I have seen them go from nervous to calm, depressed to happy all because they are touching our horses and connecting with their soul.   I watch them have those moments where everything is peaceful in their life when they are looking into the horses eyes.

Maybe it is because the horses don’t judge or blame and just don’t care what someone’s flaws are.  These amazing creatures have taught many people to take a leap of faith and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.   What a privilege to work with these groups and the horses.

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