Community Council


2017  Community Council Members

Bill Barnett

Jane Billings

Dolly Bodick

Cindy Bombard, CPA

Mary Susan & J.D. Clinton

Kyle Christianson

Bruce Conley

Karen Conley

Bernadette & Mark DeVoe

Nancy Dunn

Deborah Flanagan-Thornton

Ellin Goetz

J. Dudley Goodlette

Helen & George Hawn

Wayne Hook

Merrylee & Dr. Joseph Kandel

Tish Kelly

Patrick Longe

Wilma & Dick Proctor

Steven A. Richards, CPA

Dominique Rihs, Esq.

Anne Ross

Burt Saunders

Connie & Don Smith

Brigid Soldavini-Clapper

Sharda Spahr

Jenny & Kermit Sutton

Joyce & Gary Tice

Kathryn Tout

Karen Van Arsdale

Mary Lu & George Wasmer

Lucia & Brent Wauterlek

Sandi & Gary Yates

The Community Council serves a very important purpose for NTRC.   Council members have a critical role as our ambassadors to the community.  The connections they make for us in the community help keep NTRC’s program strong and vibrant.  The Community Council provides an opportunity for its members to support NTRC on a leadership level without the requirement of coming to monthly meetings.

As a Community Council member, you may see your name on our letterhead, our website or on an invitation for one of our special events.  As a Council member, we hope you will continue to support NTRC by volunteering your time, attending an NTRC function, connects us with a new friend in the community or making a donation.

Since we first assembled our Community Council in 2001, NTRC has grown tremendously in numbers of riders; lesson times and NTRC owned horses.  This would not be possible without the support of our Community Council members.  The Community Council plays a vital role in connecting NTRC to the wider community, and therefore, NTRC tries to keep Community Council members informed through an annual event just for Community Council members. This event allows members to stay connected to NTRC mission, and provides them with an opportunity to hear firsthand about our previous year’s accomplishments and our plans for the future


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