Barn-Raising Capital Campaign Donors

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We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks for the generous contributions made by the following donors.  Their investment in the campaign will help us build our new barn and riding facility…the Naples Equestrian Challenge Equine Therapy Center.  Thank you for believing in our mission and understanding the importance of expanding our facilities, enabling NEC to improve th elives of more children and adults with special needs.  A traditional barn-raising is, by definition, a collective effort of an etire community.  We appreciate your support and look forward to keeping you posted on our progress!

$200,000 & up

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Sharpe

Mr. & Mrs. Don Smith

$30,000 to $50,000

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dalessandro

Mr. Bruce D. Conley

Mr. Mark Robinson

Ms. Nancy Wyckoff

$20,000 to $29,999

Arthrex, Inc

Mr. Robert Cahners

Mr. Brian Dickerson & Ms. Loretta Canfield

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Yates


$10,000 to $19,999

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harrison

Mr. & Mrs. George Wasmer


3,000 to $9,999

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Barton

      Mr. & Mrs. John Berra

Mrs. Nancy Dunn

Mr. & Mr. Court Larkin

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Pfleger

Ms. Geraldine Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Proctor

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Riner

Mr. John Clapper & Mrs. Brigid Soldavini-Clapper

Dr. & Mrs. Bill Swartz

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Walsh

Mr. Daniel Weidenbruch


$1,000 to $2,999

Mr. Dean & Dr. Junee Gardy

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Loux

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Minarich

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Price, Jr.

Ms. Marguerite A Scribante

Mr. Jim Sleeper

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Tayon

Up to $999

  Mr. & Mrs. Wade Aldrige

    Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Anderson

   Mr. John Arganian

Mr. Albert Darby Beliveau

Ms. Susan Bello

Mr. & Mrs.Bob Bihn

 Ms. Cindy Bombard, CPA

             Ms. Emily Bua

             Ms. Terri Caple

             Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Christianson

             Dr. Virginia Condello

             Mr. & Mrs. Lane Cooley

             Ms. Margaret Crabtree

             Mr. & Mrs. Alan Cragg

             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Daggett

             Dr. Bonny Eads-Dery

             Mrs. Kathy Feinstein

             Mrs. Julie Fisher

             Ms. Nancy Fox

             Ms. Jill Furman

             Mr. & Mrs. Chris Gardiner

             Mr. & Mrs. Tom Gayer

             Dr. Ramon Gonzalez

             Mr. Greg Gorman

             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Graziano

             Ms. Margaret Griffin

             Ms. Nika Grigsby

             Mr. & Mrs. James Hamer

             Commissioner Georgia Hiller

             Mr. & Mrs. Edward J Jackoboice

             Ms. Martha Jennings

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Johnson

             Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Kandel

             Mr. & Mrs. Byung Kang

             Mr. & Mrs. Mike Kelly

             Mr. Fred Klaucke

             Mr. Kevin Klimek & Mrs. LeeAnn Kirwin

             Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kurzenberger

             Mr. & Mrs. Al Lehman

             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lipsey

             Mrs. Dawn Litchfield Brown

           Mr. & Mrs. Al Loomis

           Mr. & Mrs. Ronald McGinty

           Ms. Sue Miller

            Mr. & Mrs. PJ Obrecht

           Dr. & Mrs. Harry Osborne

           Mr. & Mrs. John Patat

           Mr. Mark Provost

           Mr. & Mrs. Robin Rampmeyer

           Ms. Nancy Randall

           Dr. Barbra Reed

           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Riscili

           Mr .Ned Sachs

           Mr. Don Sanders

           Mr. Juergen Schunko

           Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shanley

           Mr. Kyle Sharpe

           Ms. Jean Szen

           Ms. Linda Thompson

           Mr. Timothy Toole

           Mr. & Mrs. John Varsames

           Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vineski

           Ms. Teresa Ware

           Dr. & Mrs. Kendall Wise

           Ms. Bitsy Wood

           Mr. Trey Wilson & Mrs. Hillary Raines




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