If Horses Could Talk

Last night after I dismounted one of my riders and helped her into her wheelchair, her mother gave me a huge hug and thanked me for the opportunity for her daughter to ride.  She continued to tell me that due to the horses her grades have gotten better, she is more focused and has been able to discontinued one of her medications.

My heart melted and smiled as I listened but it made me realize that I am such a small part of this process.  Yes I plan the lessons and give the riders their goals to work on but the biggest part of this program is that huge 1000 pound 4 legged animal out there.

As I watched the horses go around the arena carrying our riders over and over again I wished they could understand the impact they make on the riders.  Yes, they know they are loved and cared for, but if they could only understand as a human for 5 minutes I would love to tell them what a great effect they have and how much they really do for these humans they provide a service for.  I am sure their hearts would melt and smile also.

Thank you NEC herd for all your hard work and love that you share expecting nothing in return.

– Lea Haven

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