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Volunteer Spotlights

NTRC relies on hundreds of volunteers each year. The provide tens of thousands of volunteer hours that are equivalent to hundreds of thousands of dollars. NTRC volunteers are the golden thread that weave programs and services together throughout the year. Each month, a volunteer of the month is selected. While all NTRC volunteers go above and beyond, a volunteer of the month has added that little something special or extra to the mission of NTRC.

2017 Volunteer Spotlights

January – Diana Jaskot

February – Eileen Comerford

March – Marc  Halcrow

April – Tom Fogarty

May – Michaela Forst

June – Libby Cooley

July – Dave Wyatt

August – Magdiel Sanchez


April 2016- Lyn


Lyn moved to Naples from Atlanta with her husband, Kerry, back in 2006. In her former life, Lyn was a business owner for a development and custom housing company as well as an environmental company. She started volunteering at NTRC in December of 2015, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! She is trained in all aspects of volunteering, and she is always ready to help out when needed.  She arrives early to lessons and always with a smile! Lyn loves working with our horses and looks forward to being able to experience the sweetness of our equine friends. She also loves our riders, and she says that the smiles on the rider’s and parent’s faces make volunteering at NTRC a memorable experience. In her free time, Lyn enjoys swimming, cycling, golfing, and reading. We are so lucky to have Lyn spend such a great amount of time volunteering with us here at NTRC. Thank you!

March 2016 – Jenny


Jenny has been riding with NEC since the fall of 2015. She began to help Robin and Spyder in the barn on December 3rd 2015. Jenny soon became groom and tack trained, and now she helps with anything from tacking up our horses, mucking stalls, producing artwork for various events, event set up, and sensory trail upkeep! Her most memorable NTRC moments include her first day helping out in the barn, meeting Peppermint Patty, falling in love with Red when he arrived, and making horseshoe dream catchers to be raffled off in the Hoof n’ Hike! Jenny stands by her belief that volunteering one’s time is the most valuable gift that someone can give. We are so thankful for all the time she dedicates to NTRC! Thank you, Jenny!

February 2016  – Vicki
vicki pic feb








Vicki and her husband began coming to Florida to escape the winter months of Indiana after retirement in 2008. They first vacationed to Fort Myers, and two years ago they purchased a condo in Bonita Springs. This residence offered a refreshing change from their forested Indiana home overlooking a lake where they were frequently visited by deer, turkeys, and the occasional coyote. Vicki attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and graduated in 1975 with a degree in Fashion Design. While working as an Activity Director in a residential facility for physically and mentally challenged children, Vicki saw the importance of Equine Therapy programs and their effect on the children who attended. When she retired, she found a therapeutic riding program in Bloomington, Indiana, and has been volunteering there for the last five years. She began volunteering at NTRC three years ago, and she enjoys working in the barn with Robin and Spyder. Her main job is helping clean stalls and paddocks. She loves having Spyder as her supervisor and is happy to take on other jobs around the facility. Her and her husband, Bob, have 3 children and 2 grandchildren! Bob and Vicki enjoy jogging together weekly. Back home in Bloomington, Vicki enjoys gardening, and sometimes she will join Bob for a round of golf! One of her favorite moments at NTRC was last year when two mini horses made a visit to our barn. While waiting for the class to arrive the minis were playing in the arena. Our horses were out in the big paddocks and were right up against the arena fence totally fascinated with these tiny horses. The minis were having so much fun in the arena they totally ignored our horses. We are so thankful for Vicki’s dedication to NTRC!

January 2016  – Melodie

melodie pic








Melodie moved to Naples in 2008 from Grove City, PA. She worked for years as an Office Manager at a Family Medical Practice. She retired after 42 years in 2013. She enjoys reading, golfing, and walking; but she was looking for something more to do in her free time. In January of 2015, she found NTRC, and she didn’t have to look any further- she loves horses and horse people, so it was a perfect fit! She loves telling people what she does to keep busy. She tells them ‘I shovel poop’, and just loves their expression! Thank you for all you do for us here at NTRC!

December 2015 – Micheal 

November 2015 – Susie 

susie pic








Susie is originally from Palos Verdes, CA, and she moved here to Naples back in 1991. She got her degree in psychology from Smith College in Massachusetts and has extensive experience in social work. Susie has 2 children and 2 grandchildren, and she enjoys spending her time golfing, exercising, walking, and playing tennis. Susie just joined the NTRC team  July 2015 and has shown extreme dedication to the program. She is always happy to stay extra hours and help out in any way that she can. She is trained in grooming and tacking, sidewalking and leading. She became an NTRC volunteer because of her love for horses and her close connection to children and adults with special needs. She was an avid rider when she was younger, and now, she tries to get out and ride as often as she can. Even though she’s only been volunteering since July, she has seen positive changes in the riders, and she recalls one young girl go from being super shy and keeping her head down, to talking, smiling, and handling her horse well. She also enjoys the connections she is able to make with students. One rider made her laugh recently; she was leading his horse, and the rider suddenly said, “Susie, will you just whoa this horse??” Thank you, Susie, for all that you do for everyone here at NTRC!

October 2015 – Paula 

September 2015 – Bob 

August 2015 – Belinda Jaffee


Belinda moved to Naples in October of 2006 from Ijamsville, MD to bask in the Florida sunshine and to never again have to shovel snow.   She and her husband John have been married for 38 years and have two children and two grandchildren.  Her biggest regret about living in Florida is not seeing her grandchildren as often as she would like.

Belinda received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare from Mount St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg, MD.  For over 30 years she worked as a social worker in child welfare specifically working with abused and neglected foster care and adopted children.  Upon moving to Naples she worked in a skilled nursing facility and retired after 5 years to enjoy her free time.  She loves to read and make quilts and even became a co-librarian for the Naples Quilt Guild.

Belinda says she became a volunteer at NTRC because the opportunities equine therapy provides to children and adults are priceless.  Her own daughter began riding and eventing at the age of 7 so Belinda has an appreciation for horses and riding.  She is amazed at the dedication the volunteers and staff have for the program.  The deep sense of caring for the children and adults has left a lasting impression on her.  Missy and Layne have been very fortunate to have Belinda’s help in the office since October.  Her organization and attention to detail have been instrumental in maintaining accurate records for our volunteer and riders.

July 2015 – Kathy Wobbeking

Kathy Wobbeking

Kathy and her husband Ron chose Naples to enjoy more of their favorite sport, golf, and to escape the winters of Savage, MN.  They are parents of 6 children and grandparents to 13 grandchildren.  While they thoroughly enjoy their time in Naples, they look forward to returning to family during the spring.

Kathy earned her degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Minnesota.  She worked with a few family practices before settling with her final practice for 22 years.

A love for animals and desire to help others led Kathy to NTRC in October of 2013.  She is trained to be a sidewalker, groomer, and leader and has generously volunteered her time to help with the Barn Dance, New Beginnings, and new volunteer trainings.  You can usually find Kathy at NTRC two times a week during season.  She has also become a mentor to a lot of new volunteers; answering questions and helping them navigate their way around the barn.  We always look forward to the fall when she returns to Naples.

June 2015 – Carmen Perez


Carmen moved to Naples in May of 2004 from Bronx, NY. She graduated from Stony Brook University (not the golf resort) in Long Island, NY with a B.A. in Anthropology and minor in Women Studies. However, she continues her learning experience at Florida Southwestern College in preparation of her second Bachelors. She has 2 fur-kids: Carlos Santana and Bandit Langley. When not at NTRC, or working, Carmen sings karaoke, crochets, along with cooking and baking while trying something new every day that may scare her.

Volunteering had always been something she did in NY; Carmen became a volunteer in Fall of 2011. Her volunteer interests have been: arena, barn, sidewalking, tacking, leading, Barn Dance, and Walk the Way. Nati, a special rider to Carmen, has taught her “all goals are achievable, everything is within reach” and brings tears to her eyes “to think that all of our hard work pays off”.

“My craziest memory has to be when Sawyer gave me the ride of my life. I was side walking with a fairly new rider. Her least favorite activity in the ring is the Trot. She was with Sawyer our young little gelding. When it was time for the trot our rider dug her knees into the saddle and leaned forward. Sawyer broke trot and cantered for a few paces. The leader quickly took him over to the fence and stopped him. Being that I was on the left side of Sawyer, the momentum or a hip stunned me and I landed on all fours in the sand. I was startled for a second but stayed down long enough to realize everyone was OK. I quickly picked myself up dusted myself off and got back in holding position on the rider. Such is life. Get knocked down, dust yourself off, pick yourself up and keep moving. The come back stronger kid. That’s me.”

May 2015 – Janet Dawson

Janet Dawson


“My husband Peter and I have divided our time between Naples and Boston since 2010. We spend our summers on Cape Cod, where we are presently renovating the former Cape Cod Winery into a residence and farm. I have two lovely daughters, Sarah and Katie, and two Miniature Horses, Max and Captiva, or as my girls call them, my other two children.

My daughters and I belonged to a mother daughter volunteer group in MA called National Charity League. I served as the liaison to The Massachusetts Hospital School’s therapeutic riding program. Our jobs there as groomers, tackers, leaders and side-walkers were very similar to those at NTRC.  When I came to Naples, one of the first things I did was to search for a similar volunteer opportunity, and I was fortunate to find one at NTRC.  Having worked for many years at Boston Children’s Hospital in Neuro/Neurosurgical and Rehab nursing,  I’m able to combine my experience with children and my love for horses in a unique and fun way.

My family owned a couple of horses when I was growing up, and when my children went off to college I considered getting another horse. However, after taking lessons for a year and not really loving it up there, I decided to look for something closer to the ground. I eventually found two adorable miniature horses that I take to visit schools for special children and to nursing homes. We’ve also made a visit to one of the equine facilitated learning lessons at NTRC. Back in MA, I’m a member of a miniature horse rescue group and I help transport and foster minis looking for new homes.

I love working with all the riders at NTRC but I especially enjoy being a side walker, particularly with the more complex riders. I also love to see the riders progress in their lessons over time. I have a young rider that I’ve had the pleasure of working with consistently for a few years. I’ve gone from being one of her sidewalkers, to her horse leader, and now she spends much of her lesson unclipped from the lead and is steering her horse independently. During one of her lessons this year, my often chatty and sometimes distracted rider said, “Hey, you missed the cones! We’re supposed to weave the cones! I was so proud of her for being so focused on her lesson and for helping me stay focused too!”

April 2015 – Mike Flounlacker


Mike traded the cold winters of Lancaster, PA for the warm beaches of Naples in 2000. He moved down with his wife, Karen, two cats and dog, Lola. He was the Director of Fixed Operations at General Motors, Toyota and BMW. Prior to working in the automotive field, Mike served in the US Navy.

He originally became a volunteer because he wanted to work with animals that were too big for him to bring him. “I am so lucky to have made this decision. I now realize there is much more to NTRC than horses. From the riders to the crew at NTRC, the attitude is positive. What a pleasure to come here. Layne sometimes has to ask me twice to leave.”

All at NTRC take pleasure in Mike’s positive attitude and warm personality. He is a true member of our big family, and we are so lucky to know him.

March 2015 – Marc Halcrow








Marc moved to Naples in 2012, moving closer to his family and leaving the congestions of the east coast behind. He received his bachelor’s degree from American University and an International Business and Marketing MBA from Rotterdam School of Management. He is applying his knowledge of the business towards his current work with ITpreneurs.

The NTRC staff and riders have delighted in Marc’s company since November 2013 and is trained as a leader, side walker and in groom and tack. When he isn’t working or at NTRC, you may see Marc in a yoga class or paddle boarding in the early afternoon.

February 2015 – Patricia Felice Cicogna








January 2015 – Audrey Tezyk


Audrey has been a volunteer with NTRC since November 2013, and has been a welcome addition to our volunteer family!

“I became a volunteer at NTRC because…I have loved horses my entire life and needed to be fulfilled by having horses back in my life. I enjoy watching the kids’ accomplishments and love hanging out at NTRC.” Audrey has been around horses since she was five years old, and transitioned into her new volunteer position with NTRC with ease. “Some of my most memorable NTRC moments are: Meeting the wonderful people at NTRC – instructors, staff, other volunteers, some of whom have become friends. Falling in love with the NTRC horses and trying not to have favorites (I do).   Two of the moments that struck me funniest were when I was asked if a specific horse was going to use an Eastern saddle, and one night while helping Lea at a training, one group had the saddle and saddle pad on backwards. Hard not to laugh but I kept my composure.  Until I had to tell the stories”

December 2014 – Kim Santora


November 2014 -Amanda Mayiato

IMG_00011 (3)

Amanda moved to Naples from New Jersey “I became a volunteer at NTRC because I originally started volunteering in Princeton, New Jersey at a facility called Head’s Up. This non-profit organization was quite similar to NTRC, expect we worked primarily with physically disabled children. Being about to give back to the community in this particular way was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences. A barn friend recommended NTRC and from the moment I stepped on the property, I knew I wanted to volunteer at this amazing program. I am grateful and overjoyed to have become part of the team. Being recognized like this is only a bonus and I can’t describe in words how much this means to me!!!!

Some of my most memorable NTRC moments are every time I volunteer. For me, whenever I come to NTRC knowing the difference I make in the rider’s life always gives me a major sense of accomplishment and self-worth. This is enough to make every moment at NTRC memorable and worthwhile.”

October 2014 – Art Doberstein


Art moved to Naples from Lincoln, Nebraska in 1988. He was brought down here to work as the Director of Transportation with Collier County Public Schools. Although retired now, Art’s life is as busy as ever. He and his wife Margo stay busy keeping in touch with their two children and two grandchildren, and in his free time Art likes to windsurf, paddle board, play tennis, scuba dive and volunteer with NTRC. He has been with our volunteer with 2012 and brings a contagious smile with him every time he stops by.

He became a volunteer because of his love of his horses, but adds with a smile that “Oh, the kids, adults, volunteers and staff aren’t bad either.” He also adds that, “Seeing the smile and pride on the riders faces” is one of his most memorable experiences with NTRC.  Art’s warmth and love of the program keep him coming back every week, and we are always happy for his company.

September 2014 -Marilyn Borowsky

bruce irvin karen guilmartin amanda burkholder marilyn borowsky todd kleiber ernest winegardener (2)

“We moved to Naples June 2005 from Virginia Beach, VA. We wanted to retire to a place where we could enjoy nature and the outdoors all year long.

I retired from teaching elementary school and being assistant director of a private school in Virginia Beach. It was an exciting challenge to manage the teachers, other staff, children and parents.

I attended Temple University in Philadelphia (where I was born) and received a BS degree in Elementary Education and completed 30 advanced credits in Educational Psychology…

My husband Michael is deceased; he was director of the Statistics and Mathematics at the Naval Safety Center and received his PhD in mathematics from Drexel University in Philadelphia. We have two children, Matt who lives in Alexandria, VA with his wife Hazel and my 10 year old granddaughter Rachel who loves science and math like her grandfather and performs in a dance company. Daughter Michele lives in Huntington Beach, CA with her husband Doug and my 4 year old grandson Cole who loves cars and attends My Gym. Needless to say my travels are mostly to these two places!

Recently I lost my 16 year old American Eskimo dog, Tinker Belle, and having her was such a wonderful experience that I would like to honor her by getting another dog and am currently doing my research.

I enjoy nature walks, biking, the gym, reading and going to live performances. I attend Hodges University’s Center for Life Long Learning and take courses in art history, music, politics, literature, nature and take many field trips with them to museums, ball games and performances. Recently I joined The Women’s Cultural Alliance and look forward to enjoying some of their many programs.

I became a volunteer at NTRC in November of 2012 and help with grooming and sidewalking. My love of children and animals was instrumental in helping me choose NTRC.

Some of my most memorable moments at NTRC are watching the children progress with every lesson. The joy on their faces when they are riding and trotting is magical. Of course explaining that “everyone poops” adds humor to the ride!

Other places that I volunteer are at Grace Place in their Bright Beginnings Program where I get to work with three and four year olds and help them with developing learning and language skills and at Hodges University where I help with the programs that I am taking.

I am looking forward to continuing my time at NTRC and hope to add leading the horses to my skill set. Definitely I receive more than I give to this wonderful organization!”

August 2014 – Kelsey Wheeler

Kelsey Wheeler

Kelsey Wheeler is a Naples native that has been volunteering with Naples Therapeutic Riding Center since 2011, which makes her a seasoned veteran! Horses are her passion and she has been riding for ten years under the Hunter/Jumper discipline. Kelsey volunteers with NTRC after school during the week, all day on Saturdays and is a camp counselor at our summer camp. It’s a good thing her favorite thing to do is spend time with Sundance and the NTRC riders!

Kelsey was drawn to NTRC because of her experience and love for horses and children. She says that “four years later coming to the barn to see the horses and kids has become the highlight of my day. I’ve made so many friends between the riders, horses, instructors, and other volunteers. Going to the barn puts me in and better mood and it’s one of my favorite places to be.”

Kelsey’s hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. During summer camp, instructor Lea Haven stated she “is a great leader, wonderful companion to Sundance, hard-working and has a great love for the job that clearly shows.” Kelsey plans to attend Texas A&M or UF for Veterinary school, and we’re certain either school will be very lucky to have her.

July 2014 – Barbara Ballard


Barbara Ballard has been volunteering with Naples Therapeutic Riding Center since October of 2013. She was inspired to volunteer because of her love of horses and her past experience working with children with autism. “I began riding horses when I was eight, and spent middle school and high school showing horses and acting as a camp counselor. During camp, my barn would host field trips for the Carrie Brazer Center for Autism. We provided pony rides to children with disabilities. I always loved seeing the faces of the kids when they realized where they were and discovered which activity they were participating in that day. At the University of Miami, I was a member of the Equestrian Team. I loved being part of a team that loved horses and wanted to be involved in the community. I moved down to Naples to start my new job after graduating from law school and that’s when I discovered NTRC . I was so happy to find something involving horses and providing therapy for children and adults with special needs. I always remember the way my horses made my days better and provided me someone with whom to talk. I love being able to help provide that same feeling to others.”

Some of her favorite moments at NTRC? Seeing her riders faces light up when they see her and run to give her a hug.  We couldn’t be happier to have you as a volunteer, Barbara!

June 2014 – Jeanne Zagursky
Jeanne Zagursky

May 2014 – Emily Buersmeyer


Emily Buersmeyer is an Indianapolis native who moved to Naples in 2001. She started volunteering with NTRC in February of 2012. “I got my love of horses from my mother. Ever since I was little I have loved being around horses, my mother was the same way. I love horses and I wanted some way to get my horse fix.

I also love kids. I have loved kids since I was one. I have also had a connection from kids with disabilities since first grade. There was a boy with autism in my class. No one would talk to him but I didn’t understand why, so I decided that I was going to be friends with him. He and I became best friends that year. Later that year his teacher told my mother that I changed his attitude towards school. I still think about him to this day and realize that he helped shape me into the person I am today, especially my love for helping kids with disabilities.”

Emily created memories at NTRC that will stay with her throughout life. Some of her favorite memories include the first time she hear A.J. laugh when she ran into a barrel, participating in summer camp with Lea Haven, painting Pickett and getting hugs from Danny every week. Emily lives a busy life and participates in student council, golf & lacrosse, the Prom Committee, Pre-med Club and Smile Club when she isn’t at NTRC. We are so grateful to have her on our team!

April 2014 – Nancy Kelly and Dixon Yun

My husband, Dixon Yun, and I moved to Naples in December 2010. We spend summers in our home at Kennebunk Beach in Maine. Prior to purchasing a home in Naples, we had vacationed here for over 20 years so it was a natural transition for us.

We both graduated from the University of Connecticut—go Huskies!!  My degree is in speech and language pathology and audiology, and Dixon’s is in psychology. For over 30 years I worked as a speech and language pathologist in the public schools in Massachusetts, primarily servicing students diagnosed with significant communication and special educational needs.  I worked as part of a team of specialists (SLP, OT, PT, Social Worker, Psychologist.) implementing services for students in mainstreamed and substantially separate classrooms within a public school setting.

Over the same period of time, Dixon directed an information technology and communications group at The Children’s Hospital Boston, and also worked with the Perkins School for the Blind.  Dixon implemented work-study programs within his facility at Children’s Hospital for college students attending local universities such as Northeastern University and Boston University.  He is an enthusiastic Boston sports fan—Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox—though he is beginning to shift his allegiance to include the Rays!

Since moving to Naples we have connected with many organizations that we volunteer for each week.   In both Maine and Florida we enjoy spending time with family and friends, basking in the natural beauty of both settings.

We completed the NTRC volunteer training then began volunteering in the fall of 2011, concentrating most of our efforts on the NTRC Equine Facilitated Learning Program.  Our experiences have been primarily with Parkinson, Pace Center, Alzheimer, New Beginnings students and the advanced TR/EFL special needs riders.

Considering the educational and work experiences in our pasts, it is no surprise that our interest in the NTRC is largely focused on the interaction between individuals with special needs and the unique communication that occurs with the horses. The physical and emotional impact of this special connection between horse and student allows the students to be transformed, to become confident, alert, calm, energized, joyful, receptive… . We have found the NTRC programs to be progressive and tailored to the needs of specific groups, so the beneficial effects appear to be virtually universal when considering basic human needs and the intuitive response to a therapeutic stimulus. We see these results each time we work with the participants and their families. Caregivers tell us how much they gain just from observing their loved ones interacting with the horses.  Students freely express an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and empowerment. We often hear riders, young and older exclaim at the end of a lesson, “How am I going to bring this horse home with me?!” The opportunity to experience the special sense of therapeutic well being that only equine assisted therapy can provide is all we need to motivate us to report for the next volunteer session!

 March 2014 – Jo Treglown

Jo Treglown

Mrs. Jo (Joanne) Treglown was born in Detroit, Michigan.  She spent 13 years in the Philippines working with Lutheran World Relief, doing community development, water projects and adult education for health workers in remote villages on the island of Mindanao. While in the Philippines she home-schooled her 4 children, and for the final two years was the Business manager for the Philippine Mission Office in Davao. When the Treglown family returned to the U.S. she earned a Bachelor of Education degree from Barry University.  Jo has taught SAT Prep, ESL and Mathematics at St. John Neumann Catholic High School for the past 5 years. Her plans are to begin a master’s degree in special education next fall. It has been her privilege to be in mission and married to Rev. Donald Treglown (Faith Lutheran Church) for over 30 years.

Jo’s passion for horses began when she was a small child and she spent her teens working, schooling, or volunteering in barns in exchange for riding time.  She managed to show enough school horses to fill up a wall with ribbons in gymkhana, equitation and hunt classes.  Weekends were often spent in a mounted girl scout troop, helping teach smaller scouts to ride at John F. Ivory farms until she was in high school.  While in the Philippines the Treglown’s owned four mountain ponies, and raised an orphan filly, all of whom would faithfully help the Treglown family travel through the mountains to reach many remote villages.  Jo has rediscovered her love of horses in Naples by volunteering at NTRC to support her eldest of four granddaughters, who is a rider at NTRC.

“I feel so blessed to have started volunteering at NTRC, and getting to know the riders, their families and the other volunteers.  It is great to work with the NTRC staff as they are always happy to be helping the riders connect with the gentlest and most patient horses I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

February 2014 – Liz Griffin

Liz Griffin

Liz is originally from the Chicago area but made the move to Naples in 1989.

Liz studied philosophy at Lawrence University and received a M.A. in communication at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she would later teach in the same field. Before retiring and moving to Florida in 2009, she was the executive vice president of a physician recruitment firm.  Liz now spends her time being a chauffeur and social secretary for her sweet mother.

Liz is married to Robert Hardy (a pilot), and they are the proud parents of Dylan (Welsh Springer) and Mattie (yellow cat).  When she isn’t with her own “kids,” she loves spending time with Robert’s three children and two grandchildren. 

Liz enjoys stimulating projects and currently is working on promoting an apparatus to help the profoundly hearing impaired.  She also is the author of A Dynamite Story, which is a children’s story about NTRC’s beloved therapy horse, “Dynamite.”  The proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to NTRC’s horse retirement fund. 

Liz became a volunteer at NTRC in January 2011.  She is a trained leader, sidewalker, and groomer/tacker.  She became a volunteer because the combination of working directly with those with special needs and horses sounded irresistible.  She says it is a better experience than she imagined prior to signing up.  She says it is a thrill every time she smells our barn and greets our horses and sees the smiles from our riders’ faces.  Liz further endeared herself to the NTRC staff, riders and other volunteers when she eloquently wrote, “Do you dream of a world where people are patient with each other, help each other, and care for people and animals alike?  I do, and I found that world at NTRC.”

January 2014 – Robert Meaghan

Leigh Morris, Layne Waltbillig & Robert Meaghan

Leigh Morris, Layne Waltbillig & Robert Meaghan

Robert Meghan moved from Staten Island to Estero in 2012 to be closer to his family. He joined the NTRC team in February 2013 and hasn’t looked back. He wanted to volunteer with NTRC because he “loves helping children and adults with special needs. I enjoy being around all of the people, the horses and helping out at the stable!”

This isn’t Robert’s first time around horses. When he was younger he took horseback riding lessons and eventually started riding in horse shows. Now he helps out in the stable, works as a sidewalker and a leader and even volunteers his time to help out at events. We are so happy you’re part of the team, Robert! 


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