“She Has Your Back”

We have all seen, heard or have been fortunate enought to personally experience how intuitive horses are to human emotions.  I was a believer to an extent until a couple of weeks ago.

During an Operation Strides session, the military veterans were gathered around sharing some of their feelings and views about the American culture versus others.

All the while, Ted and Bella were in the arena at liberty — standing freely on their own — at  the opposite end of the  arena.  One veteran was express that he has trust issues and feels estranged from his family at times.  During this very emotional moment for the veteran, Bella started walking toward him, stood behind him and rested her head on his shoulder, nuzzling his neck.  Bella than picked her head up and whinnied!  She walked away for a bit but came back as soon as the veteran began talking again.

The Operation Strides psychotherapist said, “She has your back.”  And, we all knew she did…

I could not have staged this if I had wanted to, and Bella certainly made a firm believer out of me. ….by Lea Haven, Operation Strides Equine Specialist

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