Spreading the Love

Every day the NEC staff and volunteers watch on as the horses help our riders heal. It is an incredible thing to witness and it’s what drives all of us to ensure NEC survives and thrives. It is hard to properly articulate all of the incredible things that happen here on a daily basis but we wanted to try. We asked a few of our Facebook friends what NEC meant to them and they shared some beautiful stories. We’d like to share them with you.

Susy Colombo I’ve been riding since September. It has been the best experience of my life. When Monday hits every single week I’m so excited to go to NEC and get to ride my favorite horse Snickers. I love all the staff and volunteers at NEC they all have impacted my life in some way. Thank you for changing my life in every single way! I really appreciate it!

Susan McDermott I am the Grandma of Natalye, who comes to stay with us every summer and has been one of your campers. It’s the first thing on her list of things she wants to do when she gets here, she jumps up and out of bed super early so she’s ready for the week of spending time with the other campers, staff counselors and of course the horses, her favorite guy is SUNDANCE and she loves the show at the end of camp week. The joy and learning experiences she has gotten from NEC cannot be put into words, I can see it in that smile on her face. So thank you for everything you do and hope to see you this summer!!

Corey Bouchard As you are well aware, Caitlin is 26 y.o. and has been riding since she was so little that someone had to sit with her and hold her in the saddle. She is profoundly mentally handicapped with an autism component. However, despite her difficulties she is very in tune to the people who interact with her. She will readily let you know if she is uncomfortable with the anyone around her even though she is non-verbal. The staff and volunteers at NEC are exceptional in their attitudes and efforts to help others. Caitlin is probably at her happiest when she is on top of a horse with these caring people surrounding her. NEC has been a Godsend for her and our family. We will always be indebted to you for the things you do and have done on behalf of Caitlin and the many others in your programs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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