Occupational Therapy with Horses

NTRC is offering a specialized program that involves their Herd, Mary Fellenz OTR/L who is a Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist along with a Path Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. This unique program involves the horse’s multidimensional movement, which is variable, repetitive, and rhythmic as a treatment strategy to achieve functional outcomes.

Equine movement addresses the sensory system by providing vestibular, proprioceptive, visual, and tactile input as well as increasing core strength to achieve desired results. The occupational therapist works at combining the effects of equine movement with other standard intervention strategies to address sensory integration (processing), fine motor, and attentional skills, feeding skills, and overall strengthening.

Both the Occupational Therapist and Therapeutic Riding Instructor use activities that are beneficial and meaningful to the client. Treatment takes place in a controlled environment where you can grade the sensory input to achieve the “Just Right” adaptive response. This Specialized Program is about Function, Function, and more Function so that the client can reach their maximum potential and live an independent, happy, and productive life.

Conducted with NTRC’s Equine-Assisted Occupational Therapy Specialist, Mary Fellenz, OTR/L.

Opportunities to participate are limited. Please contact the Program Director at 239-596-2988 or program@ntrc.org to find out information on how you can apply.

Lessons are $60.00 per weekly lesson for 6 weeks.