The Horses That Change Lives


Donated by Lindsay Pankow
Breed: Pony
Sex: Gelding
Year Foaled: 2003
Background: Barrel Racing
Joined the Herd: 2018



Adopted from ERAF- Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation

Breed: Unknown
Sex: Gelding
Year Foaled: Unknown
Background: Unknown
Joined the Herd: 2024


Donated by Teale Humphries
Breed: American Paint Horse
Sex: Gelding
Year Foaled: 2000
Background: Ranch Work
Joined the Herd: 2022


Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse
Sex: Mare
Year Foaled: 2000
Background: Western Pleasure
Joined the Herd: 2019

Itty Bitty

Breed: American Miniature Horse
Sex: Mare
Year Foaled: 2016
Background: Therapy Training
Joined the Herd: 2022


Breed: American Cream Draft
Sex: Gelding
Year Foaled: 2008
Background: Riding Horse
Joined the Herd: 2023


Breed: American Paint Horse
Sex: Gelding
Year Foaled: 2007
Background: Pleasure Riding Horse
Joined the Herd: 2024


Donated by Janet Dawson
Breed: American Miniature Horse
Sex: Mare
Year Foaled: 2007
Background: Competitive Driving
Joined the Herd: 2022


Donated by Lawrence and Susan Isaacs
Breed: Appendix
Sex: Gelding
Year Foaled: 2005
Background: Western Pleasure and Hunter jumper
Joined the Herd: 2015


Breed: American Quarter Horse
Sex: Gelding
Year Foaled: 2011
Background: Barrel Racing
Joined the Herd: 2020


2023 Horse of the Year

Breed: Haflinger
Sex: Mare
Year Foaled: 2004
Background: Child Lesson Pony
Joined the Herd: 2022


Breed: Quarter Horse
Sex: Mare
Year Foaled: 2008
Background: Barrel Racing
Joined the Herd: 2024



Would your horse make a great therapy horse?

Naples Therapeutic Riding Center is on the search for our next generation of equine partners. 

By donating or selling a horse to our therapy program, you can ensure your horse will:

  • Be Given the Best Care- While at NTRC, our horses receive the best nutrition and maintenance. More importantly, they are showered in love. Because of the best volunteer force, our horses are groomed, exercised, and looked after multiple times daily.  
  • Receive a Secure Future- Whether you want first rights back or NTRC to retire your horse after years of service, we ensure our horses live their best lives when their career as a therapy partner ends. Read about our retirement program below. 
  • Make a Positive Impact- If you ever talk to someone who has spent time with horses, they can always recall the name of a specific one who changed their life. While the horses in our program may come and go in time, the relationship they build with their participants lasts eternally.

Candidates for our Equine Therapy Horses must be:

  • Gentle- The nature of a therapeutic riding center requires all-hands-on-deck scenarios. With many interactions throughout the day, horses for our program should have a calm, people-loving nature.
  • Trustworthy- Horses at NTRC serve a variety of participants. Because we ask our horses multiple requests, such as ramp mounting and lift mounting, it is essential to know we can rely on them no matter the scenario. 
  • Serviceably Sound- Don’t shy away if you have the perfect fit, but your horse has a slight hitch in its giddy-up. Our horses receive routine top-tier veterinary work and care to stay comfortable, including chiropractic, MagnaWave, and more.
  • Adaptable- Our ideal candidate accepts new activities and environments. During most lessons, our horses work with a rider, a leader, and two side walkers. NTRC’s equine partners must be comfortable with multiple individuals near them while under saddle and during ground-based programs.
  • Between the ages of 10-18
  • Between the heights of 13.3 hands – 15.3 hands
  • Able to undergo a trial period of ninety (90) days

For more information, review the flowchart of the 90-day trial period below. If you are interested in donating a horse to be used in our programs, please complete the Prospective Horse Form and we will contact you to discuss our program needs.

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call (239) 596-2988.

Donate a Horse

Begin the Process

Horse Donation Form

Horse Retirement

When the day approaches to hang a therapy horse’s bridle for the final time, the sentiment is felt throughout the campus of Naples Therapeutic Riding Center. Unexpectedly, it is not sadness or grief. Instead, nostalgia, gratitude, and compassion fill the space between the barn walls.

NTRC’s staff works diligently to watch and listen to every horse’s needs. When it’s time, the NTRC team will cast a retirement vote, considering the horse’s years of service, soundness, and mental state. While Naples Therapeutic Riding Center provides the best veterinary care possible, the one thing that cannot heal is the inevitable march of time.

Upon the retirement decision, all Naples Therapeutic Riding Center volunteers, participants, and friends receive notification, allowing time for individuals to prepare for the upcoming changes. During the period before retirement, Naples Therapeutic Riding Center allows scheduled visits to the horse for individuals to wish them the happiest of trails. 

Many of our horses spend their golden years at Camp Rusk, a 500-acre ranch in Texas. Here, the horses can reconnect in a herd, roam freely, graze, and socialize. Camp Rusk sends regular updates on each of our four-legged friends. Horses, not candidates for Camp Rusk, are placed in the care of a private barn. These horses typically require more routine maintenance and special care.

Support for our horses at Camp Rusk comes from the annual Hoof & Hike Poker Run each January, with additional funds generously provided by our supporters.

In honor or memory of the many horses that served our riders with patience, kindness, and loyalty throughout the years.






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Kokomo Joe






















Peppermint Patty