Operation Strides

Operation Strides uses equine-assisted learning (EAL), which is ahands-on, ground-based (no riding)program with horses. Veterans &their families partner with a horse,working on horsemanship skills.Horsemanship skills build inter-connectedness with the horse andpromote communication, feedbackand confidence.

Horses help heal without judgement.

Horses are the bio-feedback machine of the animal kingdom. They provide feedback in relation to what the Veteran is doing &feeling. The horse’s feedback is more easily accepted and discussed than feedback from another person due to the horse’s judgement-free nature.


Horses are animals of prey and read signals to perceive danger just as Veterans are trained to do. Horses teach us how to return to a state of peace after the danger subsides.


Learning herd hierarchy & herd interdependence helps Veterans relate to & work on their interactions with other people, relationships, communication & self-awareness.


Working with horses can assist Veterans with re-engaging feelings of care, mutual trust & respect, which translates to Veterans’ human relationships.

Call to Register:

Lillian Mendez, Program Director
at program@ntrc.org or 239.596.2988