Lea Shares “Why We Ride”

People ask me why I have worked at NEC so long – if you read this email from one of our new rider’s mother that should answer the question.

” It was a pleasure meeting you and your team yesterday at Jonathan’s riding
evaluation! Jonathan, Jeffrey, and I had a wonderful time.  I have never
heard Jonathan be so vocal and make so many happy noises!  I believe he
truly enjoyed the experience.
On the drive home, every time his brother said “horse”, Jonathan would make
his happy noise.  He was completely relaxed for the remainder of the
evening, no seizures, and slept peacefully through the night (probably
dreaming of riding ??).  He’s typically restless and sleeps on and off, so I
believe the stimulation and activity helped.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his
first word one day is “horse”!

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!”

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